Eloise Falkiner jewellery is a collection of pieces carefully designed and handcrafted by Eloise in Melbourne.


After completing a Gold and Silversmithing Certificate IV at the CAE in 2007, Eloise went on to study the medicinal qualities of botany and botanicals. She fell in love with the structures of plants—their asymmetry, unique contours and imperfections—and began to draw them. Her drawings developed into a collection of detailed ink drawings, which were the beginning of and inspiration for her first jewellery collection, Ossicle, in 2019.  


Eloise's designs continue to be inspired by nature’s beauty. Her appreciation for the natural world underpins the ethos of her work. Eloise works with Melbourne-based businesses to source hand-cut stones, local and recycled materials. 


Each of Eloise's pieces is thoughtfully made and designed with care by hand to be worn with ease and pleasure.